DSE Live at Five

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We continually put the products we sell through a tough testing program; they have to perform for us and our horses. We will give you our honest opinion and if something does not measure up it will not be restocked!


Watch out for the PS of Sweden Magic Shirt. Worth every cent of its price tag you can wear it to the office and the shop, in the yard and on the horse. Throw it into the wash, hang up overnight and slip into it again in the morning. This is what I have done all through the winter and it still looks like new.

Also Q Linn Sports Bra range: comfort like you did not think was possible! After 2 years its still like new, straps are as elastic as on Day 1 and yes the colour has suffered a bit in the wash the fit is unaffected. My kind of garment: put it on in the morning and forget you are wearing it until you go to bed!