Chia de Gracia Chasteberry

Chia de Gracia Chasteberry

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Chia Chasteberry, also know as Monk's Pepper, is a hormone-balancing* herb. It is used for hormonal problems, such as to facilitate and to settle the rutting mares, as well as the symptoms of irregular menstrual cycle and ease the crankiness.  It gently, but effectively, supports the normal functioning of the pituitary gland, correcting hormonal disturbances. Supporting the progesterone level is extremely helpful in counteracting the irritability and unpredictability that can happen with mares “in season”, making them more comfortable, cooperative and safer to handle. Can also be used for overly aggressive stallions and geldings.

Monk's Pepper also helps lactating mares by stimulating the production of milk, controlling horse behavior, and to balance Cushing's disease.  Monk's Pepper has insect-repellent features as well, so it is also suitable for horses suffering from summer eczema.

Can be used together with devil´s claw and chamomile to help menstrual problems. Devil´s claw helps muscular aches (pelvic floor) and chamomile soothes mind.


Horses: 1- 2 tbsp /day are recommended for continuous use, 3 tbsp /day if administered only during estrous cycle / horses.

Dogs 0,5 teaspoon - 1,5 teaspoon / day.

1 tbsp = 8 g.



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