Chia de Gracia Deep Breath

Chia de Gracia Deep Breath

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Deep Breath is a herbal mix to support horses respiratory tract health.

Deep Breath contains thyme , marshmallow root , garlic, anise seed , liquorice root , peppermint , Icelandic moss and a pinch of love  .

  • Thyme supports normal respiratory tracts functions. It also has disinfectant, mucus-releasing properties, making it a popular raw material for many cough medicines.
  • Peppermint calms and supports respiratory functions.
  • Anis detaches the mucus and suppresses cough and improves the taste of the feed.
  • The liquorice root is also a good mucus remover. Icelandic moss improves general condition and relieves cough irritation.
  • Marshmallow root contains mucin that protects the mucous membranes and is often used in the treatment of respiratory diseases.
  • Garlic helps maintain resistance and maintain normal airway health and functions.

Dosage horse 500kg: 0, 5- 1 dl /day (1 dl = 25g)

Mix with other feeds. Stewing in warm water enhances the effect . 1 dl weights 25g.

Not for pregnant mares. Waiting period when competing 4 days.

     DSE Tried and Tested

 The life line for any horse or pony challenged with dust allergy, hay allergy, and breathing issues. 6 of our school ponies live on Deep Breath, 3 still need wet hay, another three manage fine on dry hay now.

Word to the wise: when you first feed Deep Breath your horse may cough and snort a lot for about 1 week to 10 days; that's the lungs clearing themselves, its a very normal reaction.



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DSE Equestrian was fantastic. I ordered it in the afternoon and it was with me the very next day. Fantastic, fast delivery and great product thank you very much!

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