Chia de Gracia Nettle

Chia de Gracia Nettle

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Nettle is rich in natural vitamins and minerals. It is highly nutritious, containing ample amounts of nitrogen, calcium, silica, phosphates and vitamins B, C, and K. Nettles are also one of nature’s richest sources of iron. Nettle is suitable for horses as a vitamin supplement.

Nettle strengthens and supports the whole body. Nettles support the immune, respiratory, urinary and reproductive systems, and can help the body fight allergic responses.  Additionally, nettles will strengthen hoof and coat health.

Nettle is well suited for joints and tendons and is used for the treatment of mentioned disabilities, together with rosehips.  Nettle is helpful in disorders such as anemia, peripheral vascular disease, as well as blood circulation disorders, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Nettle increases urine output, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar, promotes gastrointestinal motility, and also facilitates the animal during allergic reactions.

For horses, feeding dried nettle can help with the following specific issues:

  • respiratory ailments;
  • allergies;
  • laminitis;
  • liver or kidney disorders; and
  • lactation issues.


horse 500 kg: 1 tbsp - 0,5 dl / a day.

dogs: 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon a day.

1 dl weights about 12 g.

It is recommended to start with a small dose to avoid hypersensitivity reactions.

Dried and chopped nettle (Urtica dioica).

     DSE Tried and Tested

 We use Nettle as a tonic in early spring, especially for our brood mares and older horses who may have found the winter tough going.



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