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SAFEIT - where style meets safety!

With SAFEFIT, you wear an airbag vest without feeling like you are wearing one. SAFEFIT is lightweight (less than 600 grams) and does not restrict your movements. Made of stretchy materials, it follows all your efforts without friction. Its micro-perforated fabric allows for ventilation, so you can wear SAFEFIT in summer and winter. It is easy to forget once you are in the saddle and does not create any extra thickness.
The SAFEFIT airbag vest adapts to your habits because it can be worn alone over your clothes or under a jacket. It is also the first airbag vest that can be customised and is resolutely fashionable: choose the look you prefer from the options offered to match your equipment.

Warranty: 2 years

Weight : 600 g in size M

Standard: SAFEFIT is certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, a recognised and independent organisation that certifies protective equipment for riders.(UE2016/425) NF(S72-800:2021)


Fabric: Nylon 10 Spandex.

Lining: 3-D Foley Warp Spandex Mesh.

Waist: Fleece Warp Knitted Spandex Mesh.

Zip: Nylon

Zip Head: Iron

Connection strap: Nylon + Iron

Technicality :Stretch fabric, breathable mesh, waterproof zip, slim fit, hidden CO2 gas cartridge, SAFEFIT by Seaver embroidery

Inflation speed: Between 90 et 170 ms.


The SAFEFIT vest can be combined with the SAFERIDE option offered on the Seaver application. When activated on your phone, your family and friends are alerted in the event of a fall and can geolocate you for rescue. With the airbag vest and the SAFERIDE option activated, riding safely makes sense for you and those around you.
1 year free subscription to SAFERIDE with the purchase of the airbag


Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Brush the vest with a slightly damp stiff bristle brush. Air dry, preferably on a hanger. Do not immerse the airbag. The fabric is weatherproof.

Find your size:

Each SAFEFIT Air Vest is supplied with:

1x arming key

1x connecting cord

1x  attachment strap

1x Co2 cartridge 

1x user manual

1x activation code for a one-year free subscription to SAFERIDE

 CO2 Gas Cartridge

The SEAVER gas cartridges are screwed onto the SAFEFIT vests. 

These cartridges allow the vest to inflate in the event of a fall, which absorbs the shock and protects you.

The SAFEFIT vest must not be used without a gas cartridge. 

Two models of gas cartridges for SAFEFIT are available to fit your SAFEFIT vest. 

Only a gas cartridge suitable for your SAFEFIT vest can guarantee optimal protection in the event of the airbag mechanism being triggered.  

These cartridges are only compatible with SAFEFIT SEAVER vests and are the only ones that will allow you to be protected in case of a fall. 


The cartridges can only be used once. You must change the cartridge as soon as the first one is perforated or shows signs of wear. 

Store at temperatures below 40°C.  

Keep out of reach of children 

These cartridges are only compatible with SAFEFIT SEAVER vests and are the only ones that will allow you to be protected in case of a fall. 


The capacity of the cartridge and thus the volume of gas it contains varies between models. 24g of CO2 per cartridge or 33g of CO2 per cartridge.  

Sizel XS: 24g cartridge

Size S - XL: 33g cartridge


Did you know?

We support My Lovely Horse Rescue

My Lovely Horse Rescue receive a donation for every purchase you make with us!

Add Kingsland socks to your purchase and send an extra €5 to MLHR.



Wow!! Absolutely fantastic service .. Ordered a new coat, delivered the following day with treats and a reusable DSE bag!! Would definitely recommend... 5stars!

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DSE Equestrian was fantastic. I ordered it in the afternoon and it was with me the very next day. Fantastic, fast delivery and great product thank you very much!

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